child opening box with text "excite customers before they even open the box"
Man looking inside of bag with text "make sure they remember the meal as well as your seal"
Takeout containers with text "Meals should be made with a personal touch... not delivered with one"
Delivery driver on bike with text "Safe and protected, all the way to your customer's home"
Child in bed taking medication with text "You shouldn't have to worry about the integrity of your medicine"



Have you ever worried about the safety and security of your containers? What about the visibility of your brand? You may have purchased strong tape before or gotten custom labels with your company logo, but it’s tough to find a product that has equal amounts function and style. Here at Duratach, we firmly believe that it’s possible (and necessary!) to have both.

We proudly offer an extensive line of custom-printed tape and labels that can seal any package and keep the contents protected, while also displaying your unique brand, colors and design.  Need to seal a food box? You’ll be pleased with our custom-printed tape. Want to make sure the label on a medicine container can’t be tampered with or reproduced? Hologram stickers are for you. Whatever level of security and aesthetics you need, Duratach has you covered.

Three rolls of Custom printed stickers and labels


Two rolls of custom-printed economy polypropylene tape

Economy Polypropylene Tape

Two rolls of Custom Printed Premium Tape

Premium PVC Tape

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