Protect your packages from food tampering with Duratach

Rectangle Labels and Stickers

It seems that there has been an influx of food tampering incidents in the news lately, from ice cream lickers to delivery drivers who just can’t resist sampling an order. Surprisingly, a lot of food packaging is still very low-security and can be easily opened and closed without being destroyed, allowing for all kinds of unspeakable things to potentially happen.

You probably heard all the commotion about a teenage girl who was busted for licking a container of ice cream and then putting it back on the store shelf  last summer. This incident seemed to cause a snowball effect, with similar incidents occurring in the following weeks. A short time later, a teen in Texas was arrested for opening and taking a sip of bottled tea and then spitting the beverage back into the bottle.

While tampering could happen with any type of package, the thought of a delivery driver either from a restaurant or a third party service like Uber Eats or Postmates is probably the most disturbing since there is very little chance of anyone ever finding out. While there have been a few documented cases of careless drivers caught tampering with food, it is likely that the act largely goes unnoticed. Your driver could have stuck their dirty fingers into your McDonald’s bag, snagged a few fries and continued the delivery! With the lack of durable food seals used in a lot of restaurants, you may never know if your food was touched… until a week later when you develop a cold and you have no idea who could have gotten you sick! Third party drivers are especially worrisome due to the fact that they are not hired directly by the restaurant and are therefore not vetted. Literally anyone could be handling your food in the privacy of their personal vehicle and get away with it. If this is not completely maddening, we don’t know what is.

Some companies have begun creating tamper-proof sealing products to protect against this epidemic, but many of the seals are plain and generic, preventing a great marketing opportunity from catching on. Duratach tape and labels not only seal food packaging and prevent any kind of tampering, but are also custom printed with the restaurant information and logo for promotional purposes. You can ensure that no delivery driver taste-tests your customer’s food, and also take pride in the fact that everyone knows that this sealed and secure meal came from you!

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