About Us

Duratach is a line of customized, secure tape and stickers used for sealing and labeling food containers, medication bottles, product packages and more. Our wide variety of tape and stickers work to keep your products protected until the moment they reach the consumer.

Plus, all of our tape and stickers can be custom-printed with your company’s logo and contact information. With Duratach, you can ensure that nobody forgets your business name and that your brand travels as far as your products do!

You can also choose a highly secure, tamper-evident hologram sticker to keep your packages secure; just like our other tapes and stickers, hologram stickers can be customized with your company information. When peeled off, the hologram tears and leaves a residue on the surface that it was stuck to, making tampering or label reproduction very difficult. 

A variety of Custom-printed products to meet your business needs.

Whether your primary focus is on security or branding, Duratach helps you achieve both with our array of products.

Choose from our standard and reliable economy tape or our top of the line premium option. We also offer a wide variety of printed llabels options, as well as secure hologram stickers.

Economy printed tape

This cost-efficient and reliable option is perfect for sealing basic packaging and making sure the contents stay safe and secure.

Custom printed labels

We offer a large selection of shapes, sizes and materials to help create the perfect sticker for your business.

Premium printed tape

Premium tape is the #1 choice among clients for sealing meals. This high-quality tape keeps food safe and secure and looks great on any package.

Hologram stickers

If you're worried about package tampering or unlawful label reproduction, our highly secure hologram stickers are for you.